Saturday, August 11, 2012

sherlock's apartment sketches

It's been a while since I've posted anything here, so I thought I'd share some sketches that I did quite a while ago when I had a privilage to be a mentee of Mike Yamada from Dreamworks. Unfortunately due to tons of work that I had at that time I didn't make the most out of this great opportunity and I produced only few scribbles under his supervision. I regret that deeply. But still Mike managed to plant some valuable ideas in my mind and I've been thinking a lot since that time about things like personal style, design etc. So those sketches are probably not really up to date with my current ideas, but I thought I'll post them just to show that I haven't forgotten this blog;)


  1. nareszcie jakies kredki :) muszę trochę pokontemplować to wszystko ;D

  2. mowisz o motivarti program ? moim mentorem byl Craig Elliott :)
    a szkice - wow :)

  3. Tak jest, motivarti :) I jak tam oceniasz cale to przedsiewziecie? Duzo z tego wynioslas?

    1. no zadowolona jestem, tez akurat w tym samym czasie co program byl mialam nawal zlecen ale ogolnie jestem bardzo zadowolona :) naprawde Craig okazal sie super mentorem i w sumie do dzis jest ;p
      tylko czas szybko zlecial.... :)