Friday, August 19, 2011

Age of Empires Online trailer

Recently I spent over 3 months in Scotland working at Axis Animation studio as 2d Art Director for Age of Empires Online cinematic trailer. I hope I'll be able to post some production art and matte paintings that I've done for this project.
I must say that I had a blast working on this short movie with such a great team of talented people at Axis.
So, here's the movie. I'm pretty proud of it;)


  1. Geez! This is super fantastic! I love the colors and designs. The direction to make the fight sequence non gory was so well done. The whole thing was super inspiring! Congrats :)

  2. wow, what a group of talented people! how was scotland?

  3. Thanks! Scotland was great! Supernice people, beautiful country and terrible weather ;) Unfortunately, for some reasons, I didn't have enough time to see all the places that I wanted, but I hope I'll be able to go back there...

  4. Outstanding! Really inspiring, I'm so glad that i found your blog.

  5. bardzo mi się spodobał ten filmik,
    szczególie, że mam sentyment do asterixa i obeliksa :)